Thursday, September 26, 2013

i am mid lane ok?

you see, when ecco left we were stuck with a roster with no mid player that was available. Unfortunately due to our weak performance BASICALLY most our challenger players wouldn't leave their pro 1337 team to join us anyways.We kind of had to move me mid lane which is GOOOOOOOD for me cause outplaying the 1v1 is ezpz. Anyways at this point ive been playing mid for like 1 month and i feel pretty solid on it I don't have any mains down but I feel like i can play any champion which was very unlike previous mid laners of our team hue hue hue. Since slackoh was on our roster and hes an ADC i moved mid he moved into velocities ADC position which basically makes our team now a solid 5. Personally I've had ups and downs and I've had a bit of like physical ailments but now I'm feeling okayish getting better and I'll try to stream more and win at videogames! swagswagswag